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Suck It And See Studio Interview

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16.06.11 1:18 pm

I'm looking forward to your concert at Super Bock Super Rock at Portugal this July!!! Greetings from Portugal


16.06.11 5:31 am

Please don't go to the other side.
Please, lady gaga sucks.


16.06.11 2:54 am

We are renegade fans but i'm still waiting to you guys coming here one day. Please come to Venezuela.


16.06.11 1:34 am

Constantly surprise and exceed expectations.
a full sound, mesmerizing and finely wrought lyrics.
The Brazilians as I await the return of the Arctic Monkeys to Brazil.
Always welcome


15.06.11 10:27 pm

Didn't know where to post an opinion but... are they planning ever to come south-america? Specifically, Chile.


15.06.11 8:22 pm

Better and better , amazing ... wont doubt on buying it :D
Smoking a lot alex :/


15.06.11 1:42 pm

Don Valley on Friday was Amazing, Roll on November! You guys are absolutely brilliant live, the set was just what the fans wanted to hear. You cannot get better than listening to some Arctic Monkeys never get bored of Alex's voice and Helders' drumming. Can't wait for November and the Suck it and See tour


14.06.11 7:03 pm

amazing! i went to the gig at don valley and im still recovering now!!!! keep up the good work lads


13.06.11 10:00 pm

I love The new Album arctyic monkeys come to mexico


13.06.11 9:45 pm

was at don valley friday you lads were immense see you in october,thanks for the memories

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