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18.09.17 7:13 am

Billy Billy


18.09.17 7:12 am

i hate the airlines so fck off thx


24.08.17 8:03 pm

Please come back,please come to Peru.
love u guys,to the moon and never back.
grettings from Peru:)


08.07.17 9:40 pm

Your first album came out when I was eleven. I remember stumbling across it months after it was released. You've been my favorite band ever since. I can't wait for your next album. Thank you for what you do.


20.04.17 12:21 pm

Hey guys! 21 year old brazilian singer here. Love the Arctic Monkeys since 2008. One day I'll be playing with them, hopefully haha


20.04.17 12:18 pm



15.04.17 8:47 pm

I just wanted to thank you guys. I love listening to AM everyday before and after class. Yesterday was my birthday and i treated myself to buying your AM vinyl, and i love it. Thank you guys for being amazing. I hope you all have a wonderful day :)


22.02.17 6:47 pm

I really hope I'll be able to see you guys soon, I listen to Arctic Monkeys everyday for hours and always enjoy the tracks. Keep it up and release your gig dates as soon as possible.


26.01.17 8:35 pm

I I just love you. I listen every day and I can only dream to,her you someday.


12.01.17 3:23 pm

Dear Mr.Alex Turner
Excuseme Mr.Alex, I'm Tendy from Indonesian.
I wish Arctic Monkeys would have showed in my country "Indonesian", before you or me, also included an our earth are being the mus older thinks.
And i hope, we can sit side by side for drink an authentic cheap bottle of wine from my country. I want retailing an amazing story to you all. It's about your fans, but he was death in 21 yaers old with expensive messages. And he very like Arctic Monkeys, Mr.Alex of important. He very inspired of you all.
Please...!!! I need your respect for my little finger to my best friend who had quiet in heaven, i believe.

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